The Millennial Generation is easily the most well informed in all of history. Think about it. Millennials grew up with a searchable database of the answers to life’s burning questions at their fingertips. They’ve been influenced by Tim Ferriss’ The 4-Hour Workweek. At least a portion of their college coursework was likely completed virtually. These forces have come together to create a paradigm shift in the way Millennials approach the work they do. They don’t want to go back and, thanks to companies like Google and Facebook, they know they don’t have to.

If the accounting industry wants to attract and retain exceptional Millennial talent, we are going to have to accommodate their paradigm shift. So, the question then becomes, “What does a Millennial Workplace look like?” Here are eleven key characteristics that define a “Millennial Workplace”:

  1. Flexible Hours.
    Millennials aren’t lazy or unmotivated. They simply have different values. They’re willing to do the work – just on their own terms.
  2. High degree of trust.
    Micromanaging is a real poison pill for a Millennial-centric organization. Ultimately, it conflicts with the characteristics they’re looking for in an employer. As stated above, our Millennial employees are willing to do the work, but we need to give them a long leash.
  3. Challenging work. Millennials want the opportunity to use their critical thinking skills to problem solve. They want the opportunity to prove their value and their investment in their work.