This might be some of the craziest, most honest advice you’ve ever received. And you probably aren’t going to like it.

But before we get to it, consider first: How long has it been since you walked through the corridors of your firm? Around the building? Through the front door? Do you spend time in the kitchen? Are you familiar with who is in which cubicle and office? 

In every business, many things go unnoticed — Or ignored. Burned out lightbulbs. Dirty mugs in the sink. An odor coming from the fridge. Office chairs stack with files. Restrooms strewn with paper. Walkways not salted in winter. Drooping plants. Scratches on walls. Stains on carpeting. The list really does go on and on. 

A firm that says it pays attention to detail, really does.

Then, ask yourself: Is this the experience I want want people to have? Does it reflect our brand? Are we fostering an environment conducive to our image as a desired employer? A premier provider? An anchor in the community? 

An environment check is a task that should periodically be worked into every managers schedule. Yes, you are busy and no, this is not something you ever thought would be part of your job. But putting “fresh eyes” on your operation will enable you topick up on things others either don’t see or “haven’t gotten too.” 

Accountability always rests at the top. And anyone in a position of leadership should be cognizant of the environment in which professionals work and clients experience. Particularly during busier seasons of the year when eyes are focused on computers and quieter times when hallways look abandoned. Ensuing your workplace reflects your image is the only way to ensure set standards and assigned responsibility are actually met.