To everything there is a season. Nature. Life.

Accounting is no exception.

We’re in a strange industry. Perhaps more than others, the purpose of our time is dictated by the season. Tax Season. Busy Season. Planning Season.

January through April we’re so involved with our core business that we spend all our time servicing clients. May through September, we’re searching for work to do the next January through April. October through December, we’re winding down one year with year-end and ramping up the next with planning. And each of these seasons is assigned a deadline we’re always trying to meet.

I can tell you without reservation that smart, successful firms use the May through December timeframe to advance the firm. This is not a time for rest or planning, but a time for implementation of those strategic initiatives that are going to provide your firm with a competitive advantage.

As the firm leader, your “Busy Season” should not be spent completing 1040s, but gathering and deciding what is it you want to change and need to accomplish. The remainder of the year is every accounting firm’s biggest window of opportunity to execute these plans.

Create an “opportunity season.” Plant the seeds for future growth, now. There will inevitably come a time to reap what you sow.