Building Blocks

For me, that book was the Turbocharged Company: Igniting Your Business to Soar Ahead of the Competition by Larry Goddard and David Brown. That was thirty years ago. I had a revelation while reading that book and subsequently implemented verticals within the firm, a hugely successful approach to growing the firm and creating more value than perhaps any other strategy. That book not only changed the way I thought about the business and it impacted the way I led my firm.

When I embarked on writing Building Blocks: Case Studies of a Serial Entrepreneur, I knew I wanted to create something that had the same effect on other business leaders. The feedback I’ve received has been overwhelming and humbling. I’m thrilled that my successes and failures have been able to help other leaders accomplish so much in their respective business and philanthropic ventures. 

“One of the most prolific books I’ve ever read.”

“Changed my world and perspective.”

“Your story is incredible. It combines vision, tenacity, humility, collaboration and reality into not one, but many success stories.”

“The book is a gift to the accounting profession but also to all who serve the public accounting profession. I’ve not seen other testimonies about how to successfully create a CPA Firm, Consulting Firm, Alliance of Firms, etc. and I venture that if there was such a publication, it would not be given out for free at a conference.”

“Many of the stories spoke to me personally as I consider how I can grow my business.”