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WRC presents the 2nd Annual Digital Deep Dive Summit, an exclusive event limited to 40 accounting firm leaders and marketing professionals responsible for driving growth strategy.


MARCH 27-29, 2023

Atlanta, GA



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the first SUMMIT to


your digital strategy to


on driving revenue and client acquisition

M&A and organic growth tactics are quickly being eclipsed by the agility, scalability, and measurable success of digital growth strategies. Digital commerce is transforming the way professional services firms do business in a more competitive industry.

Get the latest trends in digital marketing already moving the needle for growth-oriented accounting firms

Gain leadership buy-in and tackle the top 3 questions plaguing teams wanting to to adopt a digital growth strategy

Learn to lay the groundwork for firm-wide adoption of a digital-first culture

Align your marketing, business development, and leadership teams around data-driven KPIs

Connect, learn, and innovate with 40 like-minded professionals and build valuable peer-to-peer relationships

Crosley Quote

customers are buying big online

70% of B2B decision makers say they are open to making new, fully self-serve or remote purchases in excess of $50,000

-McKinsey & Company

High growth accounting firms spend double on digital than low-growth accounting firms

-2021-2022 Association for Accounting Marketing Budget Benchmark Study

27% of those same B2B buyers would spend more than $500,000

-McKinsey & Company

25% of the workforce will be part of Gen Z by 2025, a digital-first generation

- LinkedIn

what you'll learn over two days

Digital Marketing Growth Strategies: 7 Principles to Ensure Success

The world has changed and many firms are having a hard time keeping up. Finding and keeping strong talent, an inability to create an agile infrastructure, and a lack of capabilities necessary to grow with assurance can be detrimental. A sound digital marketing strategy can be a secret weapon to building revenue and growth.

In this session, David will introduce the 7 principles, outlined in our digital growth playbook, which focus on transforming your firm into a firm of the future. Focus is on developing, understanding, and embracing digital as a key component of your firm’s marketing and business development culture while creating a sales model scalable to both industry and service frameworks.


Case Study: 2 Niched Models of Digital Rainmaker Success

Rarely has digital marketing been viewed by firm leaders as a contributor to — let alone a core pillar of — firm growth. But the competitive landscape is changing and the need to expand opportunities is essential.

Hear from two growing firms that have successfully built unique revenue models from the digital floor up. While their strategies are different, they have one common, underlying theme — they both focus on one vertical niche.

This session will be interactive with detailed discussions that will provide you with practical advice, highlight inevitable issues, and offer tips to implement digital successfully in your firm.

Priming Your Firm for the Digital Rainmaker Model

The ability to drive revenue using digital as a core growth pillar warrants firm commitment, resource allocation, and general advocacy from firm leaders. It also requires the ability to inform and instruct from the top-on-down on ways to think practically about implementing digital efforts.

A former CMO leads this session beginning with a discussion on his achievement in making digital a core pillar for his firm’s growth framework. He will then transition his presentation to describe how he’s evolved it as he assumes the role as CEO of the firm. The session will touch upon how other firms are making digital a priority pillar and the importance of turning leaders into firm champions for all things digital.


Aligning Marketing, Sales, & Leadership: a RevOps Model

A go-to-market strategy for a new vertical requires the involvement of key personnel, allocated financial resources, and a commitment from leadership that it is a priority for the time it takes to successfully complete the initial phase. When developing your digital growth strategy to driving demand, success requires alignment between firm leadership, marketing, business development, and firm operations.

Discover the foundation to strong team-based revenue operations (RevOps) process where technology becomes the key driver to streamlining your processes,  understanding your audiences, and creating impact with measurable goals.

Digital Playbook Workshop

On the second day, attendees dive in deep! Everyone will be broken into groups based on the size, status, and digital experience of their firms. With their cohorts, they will collaborate on how to implement a digital marketing framework and prioritize adoption at their respective firms. Participants will be enabled to apply the information they have collected over the Summit and convert it into an actionable plan.

Every attendee will take an assessment to help align similar capabilities and progression with size as part of the breakout experience.

Who is the event for?

Accounting firm professionals responsible for or contributing to strategic growth.

If you are in any one of these roles, you need to attend: Managing Partner, COE, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Growth Officer, Chief Strategy Officer, Chief Revenue Officer, Director or VP of Marketing, Chief Strategy Officer, Director of Practice Growth, Partner/Leader of a Niche/Vertical. Wondering if your role applies? Contact us for clarity.

Where & When

March 27-29, 2023

Atlanta, GA


summit faciliators

Gary Shamis

Brandon Hall

David Toth

Aaron Minc

Tim Keith