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Data-driven marketing for accelerated growth.

Evolution. It’s what can take us from good to great, existing to thriving. Yet not many accounting firms are willing to take the risks that accompany it – especially while pivoting toward a digital-first mindset. That’s where we come in.

Winding River Consulting works exclusively with accounting firms to attain growth, productivity, and profitability. Sometimes, uncomfortably. But always with your success in sight.

Our knowledgeable professionals become an extension of your trusted management team, driving projects and exceeding goals. WRC brings industry-specific expertise along with proven key drivers to ensure long-term, measurable success in the CPA and accounting industry. Our objective is to use our experience, resources, and competencies to help you win.

Driving Digital Demand

In the current digital economy, advancing digital as a core element for strategic growth demands more than a website and email marketing. Each firm varies in its maturity concerning demand generation, fulfillment, and scalability, whether through in-person events, online platforms like LinkedIn, search rankings, and more.

Success involves not only adopting data-driven practices and revenue generation but also ensuring your team is equipped to take charge of these roles within the company. Our collaborations begin with a digital strategy – either for the entire firm or a specific niche – to establish the necessary priorities and KPIs for progress.

Digital Strategy Process



Website | Social Media | Content | Email | Org Chart | Traditional

The first step is to conduct a comprehensive audit of your existing assets including but not limited to your website, social media, MarTech, email marketing, traditional efforts, and other digital channels. Our goal is to identify areas of strength, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement.


Growth Team Interviews | Partner Interviews | Understanding Processes

During the discovery phase, we will facilitate a series of meetings with the marketing and growth team around 10 specific categories. Based on the results of these conversations, other firm stakeholders will need to be interviewed. Questions will be furnished in advance to maximize outcomes.



Strategy | Execution | Results | Resources | Technology

The assessment phase is where we will take what we learned during the first two phases and analyze it against WRC's Digital Discovery Matrix encompassing 5 areas: Strategy, Execution, Results, Resources, and Technology. The goal is to begin prioritizing key focus areas within the strategy.


Recommendations | Conversions | Pipeline

Now we plan the structure around a comprehensive digital strategy that outlines the steps you need to take to achieve your goals. With alignment between marketing, sales, and leadership, we identify and align priorities with clear goals and objectives and determine the execution plan.


Digital Marketing Services

DDS Day 1 2023-3

Content Marketing | SEO | Inbound Marketing 2.0

Thought Leadership | SEO Blogs | Articles & Whitepapers

Content marketing is the heart of every firm's digital strategy. Writing and publishing original content elevates a firm’s authority and establishes its professionals as industry thought leaders. From process to production to analytics, Winding River Consulting applies skill and experience to implement creative resources that position your firm to win in a competitive social-status environment and earn qualified new business leads for growth.

Advisor & Consultant

Fractional CMO | Digital Marketing Consultant | Coach

In today's swiftly evolving landscape, strategic thinking is an essential but challenging endeavor, especially as businesses shift away from tactical approaches due to the pandemic. With technology advancing at unprecedented speeds, the significance of being truly strategic has never been more pronounced. At Winding River Consulting, we specialize in guiding you through this complexity, helping you harness strategic planning and innovation to not only navigate these changes but thrive within them.

DDS Day 1 2023-26

Speaker & Facilitator

LinkedIn | Keynote Speaker | Coach

Elevate your events with engaging, timely topics presented by the industry's most influential leaders. Our seasoned and engaging speakers bring a wealth of knowledge, inspiration, and thought-provoking insights to your stage. Whether it's a firm retreat, conference panel, or educational workshop, we deliver dynamic presentations that captivate audiences and spark meaningful conversations. With expertise spanning a variety of industries and topics, Winding Rivers speakers leave a lasting impact, ensuring your firm event is both memorable and impactful.



Hear from our clients...


In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, things move too quickly for us to keep up on our own.  That's why we turn to Winding River for their expertise in digital marketing and ability to help us navigate this environment. They are always on top of emerging technologies and strategies, and they've been invaluable in keeping our marketing efforts agile, effective and forward-thinking. I'm confident that together, we'll continue to reach our audiences in creative new ways and maintain our competitive edge."

- Sarah Cirelli, Chief Marketing Officer of GRASSI | Advisors & Accountants

Henry+Horne hired Winding River Consulting to help us create a digital marketing strategy for our restaurant services niche. We worked with David and his team to establish goals and create the go-to-market plan. His team is extremely knowledgeable in digital marketing and were able to train my team on content creation for SEO. Winding River didn’t just create the plan and leave, they provided us with an outline of tasks necessary to get our website optimized for SEO, consulted with us regularly on best practices and provided coaching on social media. I would highly recommend working with Winding River on implementing a digital marketing strategy at your organization.

- Jaimi Koechel, CMO of Henry + Horne (now BakerTilly)

Winding River Consulting partnered with us to lay a strong, strategic foundation for scaling our digital marketing strategy. They bring strong expertise in the connections between marketing strategy, objectives, tactics and measurable results.

- Sean Taylor, CEO of Smith + Howard

Working with Winding River was a game-changer for our online presence. Thanks to their expertise in SEO, we now have a website that is not only visually appealing but also optimized for search engines, which has significantly increased our online visibility in key areas. They also provided us with valuable guidance and support in generating SEO-optimized content that continues to drive traffic and leads to our site. We're grateful for their assistance!

-Thomas Castelli, V.P. of Marketing & Sales at Hall CPA / The Real Estate CPA

The LinkedIn workshop was a transformative experience for Wiss, greatly enhancing our digital presence and brand visibility. Winding River’s expertise and passion for LinkedIn were inspiring, conducting the workshop in an engaging way and holding the team accountable to implement their learnings after each session. 

– Kristine Sinisi, Marketing Director at Wiss

David’s passion for, and comprehensive understanding of, every single aspect of LinkedIn and digital marketing, is remarkable and contagious. His suggestions and contributions were extremely helpful; but, most significantly, he has instilled in all of us here at Centri an understanding of the real value of using social media on a consistent basis and has inspired in our leaders a commitment to creating expert content, perspectives, and opinions to grow our exposure on LinkedIn.

-Steve Parico, Partner & Advisor to CEO at Centri Consulting, LLC

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