It’s hard to believe it has been three years since we introduced Managing Partner Bootcamp! In that time, we’ve hosted it in three cities and two countries, supported two alliances, and welcomed leaders from as far away as Australia and Hong Kong. Firm revenues of participating firms have varied from $5 million to $9 billion and the size has ranged from 25 to 80,000 employees. Our “recruits” have included leaders in the accounting, legal, insurance, investment, and nonprofit industries. We’ve touched on the many situations every organization confronts daily and delved into skills that every leader should possess for their tenure. Our conversations have been candid, confidential, and profound. We’ve graduated sixty leaders, providing them with the skills and confidence to create measurable change in their organizations. 

What makes these professionals different from their peers? They’re risk takers who are willing to bet on themselves. They are aware of what they know and not afraid to admit — and learn — what they don’t. And they challenge themselves to be better in every facet of what they do. 

If you’re not taking risks in your career, you might actually be creating more risk for yourself.

Valerie Oswalt, VP of Sales, West Area for Mondelez International

As younger professionals are making their way into leadership positions, they are becoming all too aware that there are skills they don’t possess that are necessary for them to be successful. Missing is the support they desire in order to ascend the corporate ladder in the form of the non-technical, soft skills needed to do their jobs effectively. A study by Deloitte confirms that 71% of millennials who are likely to leave an organization within two years will do so because of their dissatisfaction with how their leadership skills are being developed.  

As you finalize plans for 2020, take a chance and invest in development for your leaders. It is one gamble that will continuously pay off.