Gary Shamis

Shamis Named a “Most Influential” in Accounting

Gary S. Shamis has been named to Accounting Today’s annual list of “The top 100 most influential people in accounting.” This marks his return to the list of accounting industry “thought leaders, change-makers, regulators and other leaders” shaping the profession. He had appeared on the list more than a dozen times in his capacity as managing partner of SS&G, Inc., the firm he lead for four decades. Shamis launched Winding River Consulting in 2016, having overseen the transition of SS&G to BDO. 

After the sale of the firm, his next chapter wrote itself. Realizing that what he enjoyed the most — and did best — was supporting firms, companies, and executives in identifying and attaining goals of growth, productivity, and profit, Shamis parlayed his financial, managerial, and operational experience and achievements into a venture that supports the success of others. Within it, he launched Managing Partner Bootcamp (MPB), the first of its kind small group, peer-to-peer, intense, interactive program designed to transform firm leaders in a rapidly changing industry. MPB gives participants ten years of experience over the course of two three-day sessions, uncovering the skills that need to be honed for successful leadership. Since its inception, MPB has graduated more than 70 leaders from firms throughout the country and a handful from around the world.

Many accountants have learned valuable lessons for success of the firm that Shamis built in the 1990s, but now they can learn directly from he man himself, through his books articles webinars, roundtables and inventive bootcamps on practice management. Having been there and done that, Shamis is now showing the rest of the profession how.

Accounting Today “Top 100 Most Influential People in Accounting”

“It’s always an honor to be named to this list with peers who are providing a positive influence on our industry,” says Shamis about his “most influential in accounting” honor. “Particularly in a year like this, with overwhelming uncertainty, there is something to be said for the professionals who are providing steadfast support. I’m proud to be counted among them.”