MPB Curriculum

The Managing Partner Bootcamp (MPB) is comprised of two intensive, three-day sessions with courses covering:

Crisis Management

The world is watching, 24/7. Your reputation is on trial every day, as are those of your employees and clients. Are you prepared to be judged in the Court of Public Opinion, let alone a Court of Law? Develop protocols and processes to head off negative attention and keep your reputation in tact.


What defines culture and why is it important in the success of your business? Managing partners should drive and control firm cultures, but getting buy-in and consistency isn’t so easy. Develop ideas and plans that have roots in your culture and grow your firm in ways that matter.

Effective Communication and Difficult Conversations

It’s inevitable. A firm leader you’ll have your fair share of difficult conversations. Studies confirm that the ability to manage conflict and effectively communicate are two of the most highly sought-after qualities in leaders. Develop the tools necessary to communicate effectively in a myriad of situations and to navigate successful outcomes in difficult conversations.

Industry Update

Keeping up with trendsetters is defense. Becoming a trend setter is offense. One can easily discover what is going on in the industry, but few firms set the tone. Identify trends in the industry to project a vision for the future of your own firm, positioning your firm to create a strategic competitive advantage and outpace your competition.

Developing Your Skills

Presentation Skills

Our most important ideas are regularly conveyed in front of a group yet often presenters don’t demonstrate their leadership. Persuasion requires we have the charisma and skill to narrate these ideas in a meaningful yet relatable way. Review the tools and techniques necessary to hone a skill that remains essential to our success as leaders.

Service, Marketing, and Business Development

Service culture, marketing, and business development can propel a firm forward. Where most firms make a mistake is that they silo these functions limiting their potential. Implementing a cross-functional approach to making positive and productive changes to your organization will yield promising results.

Nutrition, Mindfulness, and Healthcare

Because running a firm is so mentally, emotionally, and physically challenging, and because there are so many demands on your already limited time, putting yourself first is necessary. Implementing a wellness-minded approach to your life and firm culture is critical for firm viability. Learn to truly lead by example.

Risk Management and Negotiation Skills

Understand why it is essential to anticipate the risks present in the day-to-day operations and why preparedness is key to successful firm management. Identify costs associated with redundancy, errors, and lost time. Implement methods for resolving potential liabilities. Define risks and mitigate them effectively.

Modern Management

Infrastructure, Organizational Development, and Governance

The ability to adapt to change and to generate a collaborative environment is key to success. Teams need to be both cohesive and task focused in an environment where change is rapidly becoming the norm. Learn to design an organization that helps groups come together.

Strategy, Execution, and Change Management

Too often, firms design highly detailed, sweeping strategic plans. Typically, the plans break down as actionable items get mired in the details. Understand how to create, implement, and measure change in your organization.

Talent Strategy and Millennials

A professional service firm is only as good as its people. It stands to reason then that professional service firms would put more emphasis on talent attraction, growth, and retention than anything else. Yet the average turnover rate for CPA firms is 20%. Explore the challenges firms face in hiring and retaining the best, most-qualified professionals.

Team Building

After gaining an understanding of what makes a strong team, you’ll learn how to nurture those ties that bind us to an organization and to our colleagues within it throughout your firm. Create a legacy of invested and dedicated employees that work for the greater good of the organization.

Advanced Learning

The Modern Learner

Firms make a big investment CE. But unless we understand how and why we learn, it may not have the ROI or impact we intend or expect. We go beyond the characteristics of modern learning approaches to understand learning elements that support growth and are key to the success of your firm.

Tricks and Tips

Firms can’t be managed well through numbers alone. Everything from the way you manage your time to the way you interact with your competitors can affect your organization from the top down. Gain practical techniques you can use every day to design your firm, not simply manage it as problems arise.

Your Personal Brand

We all have have a brand. What does yours say about you? Does it project who you want people to see? How does it impact your firm? Get personal with a hands-on workshop where your cohorts help you to put your best foot forward!  


Your opportunity to create an innovative product or program based on your MPB take away. Presentation skills are judged by your cohorts for performance, delivery, and the potential of your idea.

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