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Managing Partner Bootcamp (MPB) is a comprehensive opportunity to take your firm management skills to the next level. It is not another practice management conference, discussing contemporary issues and ideas. It is managing a practice seminar.

Many incoming leaders are’t prepared to take the role in their organizations. In fact, one study found that 68% of CEOs admit they weren’t fully prepared for the job.  

The ultimate goal of MPB is for you, the firm’s managing partner, to make better decisions in running your firm. Participants will receive an amazing return on their investment. We prepare you to BE MORE — a more confident decision maker, more influential change agent, more efficient delegator, and more transformational leader.

This rigorous training is spread over two three-day sessions: one in the spring and one in the fall. Managing Partner Bootcamp will change the way you lead, guide you to make better decisions, improve your effectiveness, and give you the knowledge and confidence to run your firm more effectively and profitably.

Industry expert Gary Shamis conceived of and designed Managing Partner Bootcamp with the experience he gained in his four-decades long career building and growing one of the nation’s largest and most respected independent accounting and consulting firms, SS&G, Inc. In this program, he will share with you what nobody else has about running a firm – the challenges, opportunities, surprises, successes – and give you the skills necessary to help you confidently elevate your firm leadership.

This will be unlike any event you have ever attended. The intense, interactive programming will sharpen your skills, help you to confront and overcome shortcomings, and deepen your ability to perform more confidently. Sixteen* impactful courses will elevate your capabilities challenging and changing the way you look at, think about, and perform your role.

MPB will enable you to develop business tools that will have you functioning at an elite level. It will maximize your leadership potential by honing in on your strengths and identifying and improving  your weaknesses. It will guide you toward long-term, viable firm leadership. Very few seminars are available to managing partners looking to successfully enhance the way they manage people and lead firms. This opportunity is only for those managing partners serious about wanting to get to the next level.

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*subject to change

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Space is very limited! Only 12 people will be admitted to a session. This will maximize your ability to interact and support discussions in a confidential environment. You will get to know your peers and develop a network of trusted confidants with whom to share future challenges and successes.

Alumni firms include:

Adams Brown Beran & Ball • Apple Growth Partners • Aprio Bergante+Company • Audit Network Hungary Kft • Barnes Wendling • BDO Alliance • BeachFleischman • Berkowitz Pollack Brandt • Berndt CPA • Bol International • Boos & Associates • Clark Schaefer Hackett • Croskey Lanni •  Edelstein & Company, LLP • EKS&H (Plante Moran) • Foster, Snyder & Muzaffarr • Frost PLLC • Frost & Company PLLC • Fuller Landau • GJC CPAs • Green Hasson Janks • Grossbach Zaino & Associates PC • IQEQ • JumpStart Inc. • Kreischer Miller • LBMC • LEA Global • Maner Costerisan • Marcum LLP • Marks Nelson • Mercadien • Paytime (CBIZ) • REDW LLC • Regier Carr & Monroe • Reynolds & Rowella, LLP • Richey May & Co. • Roetzel & Andress • SBLR LLP • Springside Partners (Dakota Wealth Management) • Templeton & Co. • VSH CPAs • Warren Averett • Whalen & Company • Winslow Asset Management • Yeo & Yeo




MPB works with C-suite individuals and managing partners across the CPA and Accounting industries who are ready to take their firm management skills to the next level.

This is a unique and measurable opportunity for incoming and newer managing partners to gain immediate knowledge and confidence, and seasoned managing partners to hone their skills. One day follow-up seminars will be hosted to reunite classmates and discuss contemporary issues.



Managing Partner Bootcamp will cover a skills-based curriculum as opposed to business-based curriculum.

This will ensure your ability to apply what you learn to the way you lead regardless of how long you have been in the position.



Faculty for the Managing Partner Bootcamp is comprised of experienced industry leaders and subject-matter experts who each bring their own style and experience to the table.


Cost to participate is $10,000 USD per attendee and excludes travel and hotel accommodations. All meals, activities, and materials are included.

Several reading assignments will be required for both sessions.

We are so confident that you will find value in your investment of time and tuition, we will honor a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your experience and professional growth.

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It is necessary to attend both a spring session (Part I) and a fall session (Part II) in order to complete the full curriculum and to cultivate a managing partner community.

Part I (2021) Part II (2022)
Cohort 10
Oct. 18-12
May 16-18 (2022)
Cohort 11
Nov. 1-3
May 23-25 (2022)
Cohort 12


Oct. 11-14
May 2-4 (2021)


To enable participants to minimize out-of-office travel time, Day 1 classes begin at 1:00 p.m. EST and Day 3 classes end at 12:00 p.m. EST (USA). Same times apply (in CET) for Amsterdam dates.


*To inquire about hosting a private Managing Partner Bootcamp for your firm, alliance, or association, please contact Jeannette Schwartz-Ruttan at (440) 723-3653 or