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Gary Shamis has been in restaurant accounting and consulting for more than thirty years. He has an innate ability to understand the restaurant industry’s needs and pioneers ways to deliver. Gary advises on financial, managerial, and operational issues related to the industry.


Gary led the planning for our strategic mission. He understood the challenges we confront as a growing company with multiple concepts - both established and emerging. His knowledge of the industry, coupled with his vast experience, guided us to a successful outcome. We would not hesitate to engagement him again.

- Robert Platzer
Founder & Executive Chairman | PJW Restaurant Group

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Our company's relationship with Gary continues to be one of, if not the most, valuable and important to our growth....and one that I am extremely proud of. His knowledge, experience, and relationships within the restaurant industry are second to none.

- Andy Himmel
Founder & CEO | Paladar Restaurant Group

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For the past two years, I have been very fortunate to have Gary Shamis serve as an advisor to my District of Columbia restaurant & beer garden TAKODA. Since Gary began his work with us, TAKODA's year-over-year Revenue has increased 10%+ and our year-over-year Net Ordinary Income has increased 30%+. In addition to Gary providing operational expertise, his guidance on partnership structures, investor relations, and financing strategies have been invaluable to me.

- Ryan C. Seelbach
Founder I Owner
CORTEZ Restaurant & Rooftop Bar
TAKODA Restaurant & Beer Garden

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With more than three decades of experience in restaurant accounting and consulting, Gary's expertise in the financial industry makes him an invaluable asset on your restaurant board, no matter your restaurant’s size or financial situation.



Knowing what should be expected from restaurant management and what to look for when it comes to hiring is critical for long-term success. No matter the managerial issue, Gary has seen it and consults on best solutions.



Gary knows the ins and outs of a wide variety of restaurant sizes and categories. He has worked with restaurant management and owners in every aspect of restaurant operations and uses that knowledge on restaurant boards.


About Gary’s Restaurant Experience

Gary Shamis has accumulated over three decades of experience in restaurant accounting and consulting. In SS&G’s restaurant group, he and partner Brad Saltz created one of the first successful niche practices of a non-Big Four accounting firm in the country.

His leadership secured the firm’s position as a most sought-after resource for restaurant companies in the U.S. over the last two decades. He has an innate ability to know what the industry’s needs are and pioneers ways to deliver. Gary continues to lend his expertise, serving on the boards of leading restaurant companies and advising on financial, managerial, and operational issues related to the restaurant industry.