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Winding River Consulting is here to help you prosper. That's why we've partnered with Trigger - the only outsourcing partner to provide exclusively custom solutions, bringing a new, dynamic, and socially equitable model to the feild. We've been there, we know the challenges, and we've done the diligence for you.

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The Benefits of Working with Trigger

Global Time Zones

Trigger works across global time zones and has current seat capacity of 500 seats, with available occupancy of 2,000.

Always There for You

While you'll be working one-on-one with your talent resources, Trigger has a 24/7 call center in place to handle any inquiry, any time, anywhere. 

Socially Equitable

Trigger employs all of its talent resources full-time and, with your help, is creating upward mobility in a challenging market for talented people with ambition.


Trigger is in the people business - just like you are. Our talent resources, recruited specifically for your firm and to your specifications from firms such as the Big 4, are incentivized by Trigger to overdeliver to their clients.


Trigger provides sophisticated technological and world-class infrastructure. Trigger has invsested in sophisticated technology and world-class infrastructure to deliver its services to you in a secure, timely, and best-in-class manner.

BPESA Membership

Trigger is a member of Business Process Enabling South Africa.



The Offering

Audit and Accounting

Transaction Advisory

Client Advisory Services (CAS)

Forensics and Dispute Advisory


Audit Process Efficiency

Permanent Talent Solutions

Our people are fantastic so we understand it when our clients want them all for themselves. Trigger has painless solutions for clients who want to make their Trigger resource a permananent member of their team.

The Introduction

The Trigger model is working with WRC clients, small to mid-size firms across the country. To learn more and talk about the benefits of an outsourced accounting relationship for your firm, contact Gary at