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Dakota Wealth Management

Growth. There are many paths to get there, none of them easy. Adding a wealth management offering to your portfolio of services is one lucrative option, diversifying revenue streams while leveraging existing client relationships. Our proven partnership with Dakota Wealth provides you a turnkey, joint venture opportunity yielding exceptional return on investment. We’ve been there, we know the challenges, and we’ve done the diligence for you.


Successful organizations understand that growing a business is a team sport. You achieve true revenue acceleration when sales, operations, marketing, IT, administration, and customer success teams are all aligned and working towards a shared goal. Introhive transforms your messy data into real insights and opportunities, delivered directly to your revenue teams when and where they need them.


Winning Ways Conference

This C-suite level industry conference is designed to meet the needs of the forward-thinking accounting firm Managing Partner. Our practice management-focused content is crafted to drive firm growth through talent strategy, technology, and digital thought leadership. Join the industry’s foremost thought leaders in this not to be missed networking event.

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