Virtual CMO for CPA Firm Growth

A high-growth solution to managing your firm’s marketing communications and business development.

Your priorities are a moving target — somewhat confusing, often complicated, and always changing. Regardless of whether your firm is in a growth spurt or stall, seeking to startup or scale up, managing partners look to the experts for marketing communications, client service, and business development solutions.

And while not all firms possess the resources or wherewithal to retain an in-house team, let alone a Chief Marketing Officer, it is possible to have the benefit of a virtual CMO without the added financial commitments of an FTE.

Winding River Consulting’s outsourced professionals are experts in the conception, implementation, and measurement of strategic services and customized projects that create viable results. Whether online reputation, corporate brand, practice growth, digital marketing, or service differentiation, our fractional advisors bring experience, knowledge, and impact.

A virtual CMO is the resource your firm needs when:

Looking to elevate your practice 
Adding depth to your existing marketing/business development bench
Leveraging key differentiators to distinguish your firm from your competitors
Establishing a long-term strategy that drives visible results
Implementing sustainable and scalable approach to leads
Operating a measurable digital marketing strategy that is more than robust

What is the Function / Role of a Virtual CMO?

Communicate and develop strategies for management on how to best expand markets, increase brand recognition, maintain client retention, drive engagement, and grow the top line.
Create, maintain, and establish the “voice” of the organization.
Integrate talent, resources, processes and technology to help organizations find their vision and execute against goals and objectives that meet their needs and culture.
Advocate for the client.
Build a marketing plan that outlines roles, responsibilities, budgets, resources, timelines, tactics, and measurable outcomes.

CMOs lead the marketing arm of the organization that project-manages its day-to-day activities and reports on KPIs and program results. This is the professional who calls the shots, changes trajectory, or stays on track based upon a number of XXXX factors.

Benefits of Virtual CMO

Convenience in that we work week-to-week with a marketing professional/team to achieve benchmarks, drive goals, and create ROI.

No monthly contracts as relationships are built on trust, vision, transparency, and accountability.

Agile and nimble because priorities are always a moving target. We work within that framework.

Industry professionals the bring a depth of expertise to fill in gaps and provide XXXXX

Customized plans focus on high-priority and high-impact goals only.

Data-driven information and industry trends for growth solutions are applied for decision making.

Advisory and/or strategy-driven guidance where it is needed most.

Objective, candid counsel in alignment with your firm’s unique voice and vision.

Our Process

1. Onboarding

We require 3 months to get things off the ground the right way, but if you’re unhappy or not comfortable with the approach we can part ways at any time.

2. Priorities

Establish a baseline of metrics and determine where we can provide the greatest impact with the goal of walking away with 3-5 objectives.

3. KPIs and Dashboard

Let’s determine how we track success together. We will then implement the appropriate tools to measure and report.

Come up with a plan using the right tools and technology, and including the right stakeholders.

5. Execution

Bring the right resources, people, and teams together to tactically execute.

If you are looking to elevate your firm’s image, drive growth, better utilize your website, increase your brand assets, grow virtually, merge acquired firm cultures, simplify proposals, analyze SEO, understand budgets, communicate effectively, manage teams, innovate and deliver services, create content, develop campaigns, orchestrate lead generation, and benchmark and measure results -- search no further.

Winding River Consulting’s seasoned marketing professionals deliver industry-specific expertise, providing an efficient and cost effective collaborative approach to impactful, measurable results.

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