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WRC International provides leadership support enabling predictable growth.

Our team empowers accountancy managing partners and chief executives throughout Europe, Africa, Australia, and the Middle East to lead and grow with certainty.

The world in which you do business is evolving at an ever-increasing rate of change. To lead a professional services firm, you must be agile, creative, and confident. WRC International is on a mission to equip future-minded leaders with the courage, inspiration, and resources to propel their organizations to the cutting edge.

Strategy Services


No two situations are the same. WRC International’s personalized attention and industry-specific insight ensures collaboration with our clients, creating innovative, custom strategies and exceeding desired outcomes.



WRC International assists your team on its journey to full implementation of cross-functional, high-performing operations, helping you source and equip talent to execute a blueprint for success.


Our core services address all key dimensions:

Brand Development (11)

With Winding River Consulting International, you receive unparalleled support for unrivaled market positioning. 

Our Leadership

Sandy Manson, Managing Director

Winding River Consulting, Europe

Sandy Manson was awarded a degree in Bachelor of Commerce (with distinction) from the University of Edinburgh in 1982.

He trained and qualified as a Chartered Accountant with Arthur Andersen in Edinburgh in 1985 and in 1991 he returned to his native Aberdeenshire and joined Johnston Carmichael Chartered Accountants as an Associate. He was promoted to Partner in 1993 and became the Managing Partner of their Aberdeen office when the firm’s revenues were £5m.

In 2007 he was appointed Chief Executive of Johnston Carmichael and Chair in 2019. Today Johnston Carmichael’s revenues are approaching £60m and the firm employs 850 people across 13 locations making it the largest independent accounting firm in Scotland and a top 20 firm in the UK. Sandy retires from Johnston Carmichael on 31 May 2022.

Sandy spent much of his professional life working with and advising family businesses in a range of sectors.

In wanting to give back to the accountancy profession, Sandy was appointed a member of the Council of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland (ICAS) in 2011 and elected President 2018/19.

In 2020, Sandy was appointed by Her Majesty The Queen as Lord-Lieutenant of Aberdeenshire. He is also Chair of Salvesen Mindroom Centre, a charity specialising in supporting young people with neurodiversity challenges and is an Honorary Professor of the University of Stirling where he sits on the advisory board of the management school. He is also the former Honorary Dutch Consul for the North of Scotland and Chair of the Development Trust for the University of Aberdeen.

Our Clients

Consulting Services


Whether working on a more clearly stated succession plan or a more finely detailed growth strategy, Winding River Consulting Europe knows how and where to invest your resources to achieve superior results


Whether facilitating a partner meeting, presenting at a firm retreat, or being engaged to enhance productivity and profit, WRC International brings global knowledge and decades of deep industry experience.


Strategic Planning & Leadership Conferences

Day-to-day firm operations merit regular review and the challenges accounting firm leaders face are unique, dynamic, and ever-changing. But you don’t have to face these challenges alone. Whether you've encountered issues related to capacity planning or better ways to gain and interpret practice intelligence, Winding River can augment your success. Winding River Consulting International provides your organization an added bank of knowledge and insight to coalesce, redirect, and enhance operations for firm leaders.

Leadership Development

WRC International has been where you are. If you are an accountancy firm leader or rising star seeking to sharpen your soft skills or amplify your peer network, we have the resources and community to keep you functioning at an elite level.


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