Think your standards are high?

You haven't met us.

About Winding River Consulting

We are a motley crew of professionals with expertise in various aspects of business – accounting, marketing, diversity, risk management, cultural transformations, practice growth, change management, leadership performance, mind/body health, and talent development. Our chemistry is real and our results are impressive. We change people, cultures, and expectations. Think your standards are high? You haven’t met us.

In addition to his thirty-seven years building SS&G, Gary Shamis is the founder and chairman emeritus of LEA Global, co-founder of The Advisory Board, co-founder and host of Winning Ways conference, and co-author of How to Manage Your Accounting Practice: Taking Your Firm from Chaos to Consensus (2009) and Building Blocks (2019).

Gary’s decades of experience, along with that of his team, has been essential in helping shape countless businesses in the financial field.