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As a firm leader, the list of priorities is long and continually evolving. With so much in flux, it can be difficult to know where and how best to invest resources to ensure the vision outlined for your firm materializes and guarantee future returns. Winding River Consulting helps with the challenges of identifying and attaining your growth, productivity, and profit goals. With a wealth of experience in firm management, we are adept at guiding leaders in managing people, building businesses, and ensuring long-term viability. Winding River Consulting seamlessly integrates the art of practice management with the science of firm strategy, utilizing it's 4 Pillars of Firm Growth, enabling you to make the right decision, at the right time. Every time.

Our 4 Pillars of Firm Growth


→ Career Pathing

→ Culture, Recruiting & Retention

→ Hybrid & Remote Hires/Workforce

Digital Strategy

→ Digital Marketing Strategy

→ Demand Generation

→ Bus. Dev./Operational Integration


Revenue Growth

→ Mergers & Acquisitions

→ Digital Adoption/Sales Enablement

→ Internal Performance & Bus. Dev.

Practice Management

→ Succession Planning

→ Vertical & Niche Strategies

→ Advisory Boards

Ensure viability.

At Winding River Consulting, we enjoy the distinction of being the only entity of our kind to work solely with accounting firms. We understand the unique dynamics of the industry, and how to amplify your impact in a digital world.

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Growth Strategy

Growth strategy can take many forms. Whether your organization is looking to develop and nurture a new vertical or niche, explore new service offerings, reexamine your current succession plan, or simply break down siloed barriers to enable smoother inter-operational coordination, Winding River Consulting possesses the expertise to place your organization on a path to accelerated growth. Our savvy team of accounting industry veterans is amply equipped to co-create a winning strategy with you and position you to achieve results.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Led by Gary Shamis, Winding River Consulting is a team of elite professionals with extensive experience in the accounting profession. We have walked managing partners and firms through the complex and sensitive process of profitable mergers and acquisitions, facilitating more than $100M in transactional M&A deals. Our team can provide you the guidance you need to successfully negotiate this process and maximize desired outcomes.

Succession Planning 2

Succession Planning

What comes after you? Whether you're a managing partner of 30 years or managing partner-elect, if you haven’t yet created a strategic succession plan, now is the time. Waiting will cost you time, money, and could endanger your legacy. Winding River's trusted consultants can help you shape a viable plan for the future, solidifying your firm's posterity and advancing the legacy you've created. From planning to implementation; leadership development to transitional mentorship, Winding River has the experience and expertise to ensure the proverbial baton is passed with grace and ease.

Advisory Boards

Advisory boards are critical to a firm's successful strategic implementation. Boards function to facilitate ingenuity and focus while honoring experience and practicality. Whether you're looking to make a shift in your business model, assess preparedness for new revenue streams, or simply bring strategic initiatives into greater focus, Winding River Consulting provides trusted insight to bring those goals into alignment. Whether the need is to course-correct, win buy-in, or initiate and maintain forward momentum, Winding River is here to help.

Advisory Boards 2
Practice Management

Practice Management

Day-to-day firm operations merit regular review and the challenges accounting firm leaders face are unique, dynamic, and ever-changing. But you don’t have to face these challenges alone. Whether you've encountered issues related to capacity planning or better ways to gain and interpret practice intelligence, Winding River can augment your success. Winding River Consulting provides your organization an added bank of knowledge and insight to coalesce, redirect, and enhance operations for firm leaders.

Digital Rainmaker

Our landmark work, The New Rainmaker: Evaluating Your Firm's Digital Strategy, was released earlier this year. This flagship whitepaper is a reflection of our dedicated work in the digital space. It provides clear and actionable evaluation exercises to create or refine a digital blueprint for your accounting firm derived from proven strategies, processes, and solutions. While the whitepaper focuses mainly on utilizing digital tactics to deepen and broaden business development impact, our approach doesn't begin and end with your online presence. Winding River Consulting takes a more holistic tack, splicing digital tactics and tools into the global strategy of your firm to accomplish strategic initiatives. Learn more here.

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