Dakota Wealth Management

Your Turnkey Growth Solution

Winding River Consulting is here to help you prosper. That's why we've partnered with Dakota Wealth Management - to provide you a turnkey, joint venture opportunity yielding an exceptional return on investment. We've been there, we know the challenges, and we've done the diligence for you.

The Benefits

Growth. There are many paths to get there, none of them easy. Adding a wealth management offering to your portfolio of services is one lucrative option, diversifying revenue streams while leveraging existing client relationships. But staffing, scaffolding of internal technical infrastructure, and navigation of regulatory compliance over varying geographical locations are just a few of the obstacles that often make this hill a particularly difficult climb. Enter our partnership with Dakota Wealth Management. Designed to help you to clear those hurdles, a joint venture with Dakota provides a seamless path to revenue generation, improved client retention, and long-term valuation, all while protecting and elevating your brand.


Having partnered with firms in markets across the U.S., Dakota has a proven track record providing cohesive, uninterrupted wealth management services to accounting firms. With multiple models to choose from, Dakota Wealth Management is positioned to become a pillar of your growth strategy. Increase client points of contact and communication, achieve mutual goals, and enjoy practice growth all under the same roof - yours.

The Evidence

When Gary Shamis was managing partner of SS&G (an Accounting Today Top 40 firm prior to its acquisition by BDO), the firm offered wealth management services through its sister company, SS&G Wealth Management.

For more than twenty years, clients were afforded cohesive services, an enhanced experience, and timely planning and reporting — all under one roof. SS&G Wealth Management provided an additional revenue stream to the partners of the accounting firm that grew consistently year-over-year.

Gary Shamis

SS&G Wealth Management* was lead by Carina S. Diamond who serves as the Chief Experience Officer at Dakota. She and Gary have worked together for two decades. Diamond was appointed to the Forbes list of ‘Top Women Wealth Advisors 2021’.

*SS&G Wealth Management split into SS&G Wealth Management and Springside Partners in 2014 after SS&G was acquired by BDO. SS&G Wealth Management was sold to Prosperity Advisors Group in 2018. Springside merged with Dakota in 2019.

The Introduction

The Dakota model is working with WRC clients, small to mid-size firms across the country. To learn more and talk about the benefits of a wealth management relationship for your firm, contact Gary at GShamis@WindingRiverConsulting.com.