Navigate your firm to steady waters with Winding River.

Throughout history,  rivers have been used as metaphors. After all, their journeys are not unlike our own.

Each is unique unto itself, its terrain, its environment. A river may run rapidly or it may take a more leisurely pace. There are spots where it is deep and tricky, and places where the water is shallow, its depths visible. Sometimes the journey is unpredictable, rocky and rough; other times it is reliable, smooth, steady.

Running a business is no different. Which is where we come in.

Winding River Consulting (WRC) helps accounting and consulting firm managing partners and leadership with the challenges of successfully identifying and attaining their growth, productivity, and profit goals. With a wealth of experience in firm management, we are adept at guiding leaders in managing people, building businesses, and ensuring long-term viability. WRC provides tailored, transformative solutions to issues confronted by firm managing partners operating in today’s unpredictable environment.  


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