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Winding River Consulting specializes in propelling firms forward, offering strategic insights, process optimization, and leadership development. With their expertise, firms can embrace change, seize opportunities, and achieve sustained growth.

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Gary’s model for growth has been replicated with success, time and again. Having been a firm managing partner himself, he understands what it takes for leaders to sustain viability during volatility and come out on the other side thriving. Join his elite, intensive course designed only for those leaders willing to reexamine the prototypical accounting firm model and set new precedents for success.

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seo strategy

Enhancing Growth: The Crucial Role of SEO Strategy for Modern Accounting Firms 

In today’s digital landscape, having a robust online presence is essential for businesses across industries. Professional service firms, including accounting firms, are no exception. As a consultant working closely with professional service firm executives, I have come to understand the unique challenges firms face in maintaining a competitive edge. One powerful tool that can significantly impact their online visibility and success is a well-defined SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy.  

Five timeless questions that every managing partner should know about their firm’s marketing efforts

Five Timeless Questions that Every Managing Partner Should Know About Their Firm’s Marketing Efforts

As a managing partner, you are busy running a professional services firm. You are playing a constant game of whack-a-mole, triaging incoming requests, juggling the many demands on your time. You understand that marketing, when done well, is far more than a business enablement tool — it can be a strategic driver of success and growth for your firm.

Mark burnette Interview Image

Mastering a Sales Organization in a CPA & Advisory Firm: Insights from Mark Burnette at LBMC

In our ongoing pursuit of understanding how culture impacts sales organizations within the realm of accounting firms, we had the…

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