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Recap of the 2024 Digital Deep Dive Summit: Embracing the Future of Digital Strategy

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Last week, the eagerly anticipated third annual Digital Deep Dive Summit took place, hosted by Winding River Consulting (WRC) with a compelling focus on the theme "Playing to Win." This event drew participation from 54 leaders and marketers from 35 accounting and advisory firms, representing a broad spectrum from firms with ~50 employees to Top 25 firms with revenues exceeding $450 million. The summit spanned two transformative days, dedicated to exploring and enhancing digital demand generation, aligning leadership with growth team roles, and navigating the challenges and opportunities of digital in growth cultures. 




Day 1 Highlights: Podcasting, AI, and SEO

Morning Sessions: Tech Stack for Growth and the Remarkabrand Index Update 

The summit kicked off with insightful presentations from our esteemed sponsors, Resound Creative and Rare Karma. Danny Estrada of Rare Karma opened with a detailed session titled "Integrating Your Tech Stack for Growth." He delved into the pressing issues firms face with technology today such as data management, business intelligence, and analytics. Estrada emphasized the importance of integrating core systems like marketing automation, CRM, time and billing, and data intelligence to streamline operations and enhance decision-making. 

Following, Mike Jones from Resound Creative presented "7 Ways Top Accounting Firms Are Utilizing Digital Strategies to Stand Out." Jones explored the latest trends on branding and consumer resonance, discussing the underutilized opportunities in digital marketing, the importance of domain authority, and innovative uses of video content. His talk highlighted how CPA firms could differentiate themselves in a competitive market through strategic digital initiatives. 

Summit Kick-Off and Two Deep Dive Sessions on Podcasting and AI/SEO 

David Toth, Chief Growth Officer of WRC, orchestrated this year’s summit around the theme of "Playing to Win." The focus has shifted in marketing, moving from a defensive, reactive approach to one that is proactive and offensive, aimed at achieving victory rather than merely participating. This transition is largely driven by the need for advanced technology, strategic planning, and the ability to engage with decision-makers from Gen Z and the Millennial generation.  

In today's digital-first, mobile-centric world, which is both fast-paced and saturated with information, our capacity to attract clients that align with our Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) has improved significantly, yet it demands strong support and alignment with Managing Partners and firm leadership. Additionally, firm marketers and growth leaders are being asked to pave the way forward for sustainable growth more than ever before. 

This year’s participants came with a keen interest in progressive success and going on the offense with their marketing and growth strategy. Each attendee was given a copy of "Playing to Win" by A.G. Lafley and Roger L. Martin, which offered a strategic framework that was integral to the discussions at the summit. 

Deep Dives: Podcasting Insights and SEO Mastery 

The first deep dive session featured a podcast-style conversation between Brandon Hall and Blake Oliver. They discussed the dos and don’ts of podcasting, sharing personal anecdotes and practical advice for successful podcasting in the professional space, highlighting the importance of engagement, content quality, and strategic monetization. 

Joy Youell and Franco Valentino spearheaded an informative session on Google and SEO updates for 2024, emphasizing the critical role of AI in content creation and technical SEO. They presented live examples of AI tools in action, such as instant slide deck creation and blog outline drafting, which showcased the practical applications of AI in enhancing digital content strategies. 

Day 2 Highlights: Leadership, Strategy, and Digital Mastery 

Keynote Address: Independence and Leadership 

Gary Shamis, CEO and founder of WRC, delivered a powerful keynote on "What it Takes to Stay Independent." Shamis discussed the foundational pillars of leadership, succession, and alignment, crucial for any firm’s success and independence. His insights provided a roadmap for firms aiming to carve out a competitive edge while maintaining their independence in the market. 

Micro-Learning and Rapid-Fire Sessions 

The day continued with a micro-learning session led by Chris Smith, head of BD and marketing at QuickFee, who illustrated how integrating AI tools like Gong can revolutionize engagement processes. Smith’s session was a testament to the power of a well-constructed tech stack and its impact on modern marketing and sales strategies. 


A rapid-fire session followed, featuring insights from four dynamic firm leaders who each had 15 minutes to share their strategies for "Playing to Win." This session was a highlight of the day, offering a plethora of strategic insights tailored to fostering a culture of growth and innovation within their firms. 

Closing and Future Engagements 

The summit closed with interactive roundtables that allowed for deeper discussion on digital strategies, growth culture, and tech stacks. These discussions were not only insightful but also fostered a spirit of collaboration among the participants. 

Conclusion: A Stepping-stone to Digital Excellence 

The 2024 Digital Deep Dive Summit was not just an event but a catalyst for transformation within the professional services industry. The discussions and insights shared have set the stage for future innovations and strategies that firms can adopt to stay ahead in a digital-first world. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our partners and sponsors, including IntroHive, Rare Karma, Resound Creative, and the Association for Accounting Marketing, for making this summit a resounding success. 

We eagerly look forward to next year's summit and invite all interested professionals to join our newsletter for updates on future events and insights from industry leaders. Thank you to all attendees, speakers, and organizers for making this year's summit an enriching and unforgettable experience. 

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