Accounting Firm Consulting

Whether facilitating a partner meeting, presenting at a firm retreat, or being engaged to enhance productivity and profit, Gary Shamis has spent two decades traveling the world consulting with accounting firm leadership. He brings deep experience, having run his own firm (SS&G) for 35 years, growing it into a Top-40 firm.

Nobody better understands the challenges of an accounting firm leader. Bring on WRC for the industry knowledge and experience that your firm needs.

Gary has been instrumental in helping me grow our firm by 65% top line since 2016.  I consider Gary our most trusted advisor.  The advice is straight shooting and candid, no nonsense which makes for fast results.  Gary actually accomplished what I want to still do, which gives him full credibility as a consultant.

- Charles F. (Chuck) Mullen, CPA, CMA, MTax, CGMA. Chairman, Apple Growth Partners

Navigating Rocky Waters

Times change and your accounting firm needs to adapt to that change.

Hiring, Training, and Managing

Gary and his team understand the difficulties of hiring, training, and managing individuals of varying age groups and experiences. Each generation seems to have its own strengths and weaknesses, and WRC can help you understand and capitalize on the strengths of differing groups.

Recruiting and Retainment

Finding the right people is difficult. Finding the right people that will stay with the company long enough to provide value and increase productivity is essential.

Gary can work to help manage on-boarding and training to help recruit and retain employees and managers that will continue to grow your business.

Understanding Change

Helping to find the best course of action for your business.

Business Development

Creating long-term value for your firm takes knowledge of and experience in your industry. Gary has both. With 35 years running his own firm and two decades of consulting with accounting firm leaders, he understands the broad trends and factors affecting the accounting industry down to the minutiae of day-to-day operations.

Information Technology

Information Technology is incredibly important for today’s businesses. But knowing what technology is right for your firm and when to invest can be tricky. WRC and its team of professionals can help you decide what is best for you and your firm.

Setting Objectives

It's now how many moves, but how many right moves you make.

Performance Metrics

There are a lot of factors that affect your firm. Some you can control, but others you cannot. When it comes to your firm’s profit, ROI, quality, reputation, customers, and employees WRC can help you set strategic objectives then find the best route to reaching those objectives.

Strategic Marketing

Word of mouth is great, but when you need some additional wind in your firm’s sail, WRC knows what works and what doesn’t. Gary Shamis has 35 years of experience marketing his accounting firm (SS&G), growing it into a Top-40 firm, and he can apply that knowledge to your unique firm.


Keeping everyone's eyes on the same goal.

Succession Planning

It can be a daunting task full of unknowns, but Gary and his team know what to look for when the time comes to start looking for the next team of leaders to navigate your firm after you.

Mergers and Acquisitions

M&A activity creates some of the largest shifts in a firm’s culture, staff, infrastructure, and development. WRC can help you navigate through these uncertain times and make sure the consolidation is in the best interest of your firm.

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