Building Blocks

By: Gary Shamis

To achieve business success, you have to have more than a vision - you need inherent passion and a tangible strategy. In Building Blocks, award-winning serial entrepreneur and business consultant Gary Shamis takes you through his own journey of building eight highly innovative ventures to impart a lifetime of lessons learned.

Highlighting not only his triumphs but his stumbles along the way, Shamis reveals the critical characteristics, habits and strategies he coaches leading senior executives on - and makes them accessible and relatable to experienced and novice entrepreneurs alike.

Building Blocks
Building Blocks

Stratagem: Simple, Effective Strategic Planning for Your Business and Your Life

By: Sandy Manson, Jay Nisberg, Gary Shamis, Kristen Hamshire, Randy Wood, Brian Kosoy

Stratagem is a different kind of strategic planning tool. It gives owners and executives a different approach to thinking about their business today and in the future.

It provides leaders with an executable vision and a clear process to get there so they can succeed. It critically bridges the business and personal goals of owners and executives. Stratagem is not about creating a strategic planning document. It's an all-embracing, dynamic process and not a rigid form.

In fact, Stratagem fosters productivity and creativity.

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How to Manage Your Accounting Practice

By: Marsha Leest, Jay N. Nisberg, and Gary Shamis

Practice management used to be a relatively simple process. Today, the world of accounting has changed so much that the old view of CPAs relaxing after the dreaded April 15 deadline is no longer accurate.

Tax, audit and consulting engagements keep most firms busy 12 months a year, and best practices for running a firm has morphed into best practices for managing chaos.