Brandon P. Ferris

Meet Brandon Ferris – an accomplished digital marketing leader who leaves no stone unturned when it comes to filling the growth pipeline and delighting prospects throughout their customer journey.

Brandon got his start as a jack-of-all-trades marketer working for the Top 100 Firm* Skoda Minotti, supporting its growth up to and through its acquisition by Marcum LLP. At Marcum, he redefined digital strategy, helped harness the power of CX throughout the firm, and crafted revenue-generating strategic plans for a variety of industry verticals. In his tenure, he developed deep marketing experience in the areas of real estate, construction, exit planning, transaction advisory, insurance, wealth management, valuation, litigation, emerging companies, and life sciences accounting.

At Winding River, Brandon specializes in growing regional and national-enterprise firms. Driven by his passion for creating positive customer experiences (CX) with results at their core, Brandon meticulously curates every touchpoint, ensuring that each step, from the initial interaction to the final conversion, is seamless and impactful for targeted audiences. Working closely with high-growth firms and thriving on collaboration, he leverages his expertise to help firms make the biggest impact with their marketing dollars, while effectively connecting inbound efforts to revenue generation. Brandon's expertise lies in developing tailor-made inbound strategies and brand experiences that leave a lasting impact on clients for accounting firms of all shapes and sizes.

Brandon firmly believes that the pursuit of excellence, coupled with a results-oriented, people-first approach to digital marketing, is the force behind firm success, propelling businesses forward into a future filled with boundless opportunities.

* Accounting Today 2019
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