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MPB Creates Global, Organic Movement Revolutionizing Firm Leadership

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Accounting firm leaders to learning to lead with head and heart in post-pandemic world

CLEVELAND, OH — March 4, 2022 — For the majority of accounting firm managing partners, learning to lead is trial by fire. There is no organized classroom or detailed playbook with which to prepare. They just the hope that their experience has honed the skills they need to lead people, change cultures, and grow firms.

Managing Partner Bootcamp, now known as MPB, was conceived and created by Gary Shamis, CEO of Winding River Consulting, and former managing partner of a Top 40 Firm (prior to its merger with BDO). In his decades of consulting, Shamis saw the considerable lack of preparedness that incoming managing partners were saddled with in an increasingly competitive marketplace, for both talent and clients.

“I was fortunate to have my dad mentor me when I assumed the role of managing partner. Few are as lucky. Most come into a situation where they are uncertain and hesitant to make decisions,” says Shamis. “I created MPB to provide an intensive, interactive and collaborative learning platform in teaching and sharing the leadership skills it took me four decades to develop. It’s an unconventional approach, and it’s effective.”

Now in its sixth year, Winding River Consulting has created a movement. Graduates report that they have enhanced their skill set, grown their confidence, and created measurable change within their organizations. This movement has cultivated a camaraderie appreciated by only those who have experienced it or been affected by it.

“The feedback we’ve received, particularly throughout the pandemic, is that managing partners see opportunities for other partners to elevate their leadership skills,” adds Jeannette Schwartz-Ruttan, COO, Winding River Consulting. “From those already in a leadership position to exceptional technical leaders to professionals emerging with incredible potential, MPB changes mindsets, shifts methodology, and prepares leaders for growth.”

In addition to critical issues like crises, delegation, strategy and execution, and DE&I, newer cohorts delve deeper into empathetic leadership, addressing mental health, changing cultures, and effectively communicating with multiple generations in the workplace.

“Today, perhaps more than ever, it is necessary for leaders to be resilient and assertive. MPB provides leaders with the skills and tools they need to not only survive, but to thrive,” adds Schwartz-Ruttan. “Our graduates from North America, Asia, and Europe can attest to it.”

In its five years, MPB has graduated nearly 100 leaders:

  • from throughout the United States and Canada, and as far away as Australia, Hungary, Netherlands, and Hong Kong
  • representing organizations with revenues ranging from $5M to $9B
  • leading firms employing 25 to 80,000 staff
  • 1/3 of attendees have been so satisfied with their experience, they’ve sent other leaders from their firms or multiple attendees

What makes MPB different:

  • intimate group (no more than 10-12 participants)
  • confidential setting for candid conversations
  • lead by one of the industry’s most successful (former) managing partners and supported by experienced industry leaders and subject-matter experts
  • addresses todays topics, those relevant to firms now and as the industry evolves
  • has, according to graduates, changed the way they lead their firms for the better, achieved measurable improvements within their firms, and developed peer-to-peer relationships that transcend rivalry

Spring session has only two seats remaining. Registration for Fall session and Europe session are also open and filling quickly. To learn more about MPB, and to see a list of prior firm attendees, please visit https://windingriverconsulting.com/mpb/. 

Winding River Consulting (www.WindingRiverConsulting.com) is a managerial and operational consulting firm based in Cleveland, Ohio. With a focus on professional service firms, Winding River helps firm leaders identify and attain goals of growth, productivity, and profit.

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