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CAS & Outsourcing: The Perfect Match

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About the Author: Ilan Bernstein is the CEO of Trigger.

Ever wonder how the Dalmatian became the official dog of firehouses nationwide?  We all know it as a fact but I’d bet we all don’t why and I think there’s an important lesson in there for our businesses.  It’s a lesson about finding the perfect fit and function by seeking out existing behavioral patterns. 

Here’s the story, in brief:  

Fire trucks (more firecarts, at this time) used to be pulled by horses.  Horses, while fast and durable, are skittish around highly excited people and environments (e.g. a fire).  Dogs can be calming companions to scared horses.  Unfortunately, stomping and snorting horses often scare dogs away…but not Dalmatians.  Dalmations love horses, instinctively. They are naturally inclined to befriend them and be their companions. Calm horses mean steady firetrucks which, in turn, means successful firefighters. And, that’s how we got ol’ Spot in that red fire hat and jacket.

So that’s the long way ‘round of illustrating this important point:  

If you know where to look, there is likely a perfect match out there for any product or service.  

In the world of accounting firms, one needn’t look further than Client Accounting/Advisory Services & Outsourcing to find an equally well-suited match.

Why your CAS Practice is a Natural Fit for Outsourcing:

  1. No Fear: CAS clients are already comfortable with outsourcing! Adding outsourcing to an already outsourced solution is a net zero.
  2. Outsourcing allows firms to scale the fastest growing practice area in the industry (CAS) without the associated costs and risks of hiring, office space, etc.
  3. Give ‘em more for less (or, at least, the same)! Outsourcing creates access to a more experienced talent pool than you can get stateside, on a dollar-for-dollar basis.  So, wow ‘em!

Here are just some areas in your CAS practice where outsourcing can be a force multiplier:

  • Accounting & Finance
  • Bill Payment/AP/AR
  • Virtual CFO
  • Trial Balance
  • And, More

There is a place for outsourced resource solutions in every corner of your firm but none with as few barriers to entry as your nascent, existing, and/or growing CAS practice.  While outsourcing solves a lot of important challenges at your firm but it is also so much more than that.  

More than just a solution to a problem, firms should consider outsourcing a part of their overall and practice’s growth strategy. More people means more opportunity for revenue – but, at what cost? There is experienced talent out in the world that is looking for a chance to do the work your firm can’t even get to right now.  Seize that opportunity.

At my company, Trigger, we love to talk to firms.  Contact us at Trigger HERE to take your outsourcing journey and your CAS practice to the next level and beyond.

Thank you,


Founder & Global CEO


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