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Digital Deep Dive Launches This March

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Accounting-firms’ biggest growth threat can become its biggest asset, if firms adopt it now

CLEVELAND, OH — January 25, 2022 — Winding River Consulting announces the launch
of its Digital Deep Dive Summit (DDD), the only event of its kind for accounting firms looking to excel imminently. Created for managing partners, marketing professionals, and leaders responsible for practice and revenue growth, the Summit will empower attendees to create and implement a practical digital business strategy to successfully leverage attracting the ideal client, enhance the brand, create distance with the competition, and increase

“Accounting firms seeking to differentiate, compete, and grow in the dare I say it, post-pandemic era, will find that digital has become a component no firm can ignore,” says David Toth, principal at Winding River Consulting. “The onset of digital for communicating, informing, and even selling is something that will impact this profession considerably.”

To facilitate intimate, confidential group conversation and collaboration, the event is limited to 25 attendees each of whom must be in a position responsible for overseeing or contributing to the growth of the firm — managing partners, marketing professionals, practice growth / business developers, leaders, and those accountable for services and industry verticals.

“Digital will not wait for you to catch up,” says Gary Shamis, CEO of Winding River. “Managing partners have to commit to and invest in a firm-wide digital transformation now, or risk falling really far behind. And attending the same event as the marketing and BD professionals will ensure the collective understanding of its application and value.”
“Digital entails more than having a website or employing software to send client emails,” adds Toth. “It’s about competing and winning. This window of opportunity is not wide.”

This exclusive event will provide attendees with the insights, perspectives, and tools to integrate a digital business strategy and scale up immediately.

Digital Deep Dive Summit Details

Hollinden Marketing and Introhive co-sponsor the March 30-31 event in Atlanta, GA (Hyatt
Centric Midtown Atlanta
). Cost is $995 per attendee. (Limit, 2 attendees per firm.) For more
details and registration: DigitalDeepDive.org

Winding River Consulting (www.WindingRiverConsulting.com) is a managerial and operational consulting firm based in Cleveland, Ohio. With a focus on accounting firms, Winding River helps managing partners identify and attain goals of growth, productivity, and profit.

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