Gary Shamis

Gary founded Winding River in 2016 after growing SS&G to the 37th largest firm in the U.S. Now, Gary is working hard to help firms stay viable and win in today's climate.

3 min read

Rainmakers vs. Mistmakers: Building a Culture of Practice Growth

Every firm wants a rainmaker: a supremely talented professional who’s the linchpin of revenue generation for the entire firm. When it comes to...


3 min read

The Value of Innovation

It’s long been my view that the accounting profession is one primarily made up of followers. I don’t mean that in terms of leadership – there are...

2 min read

The Great Spin-off: How Firms Can Prepare for Advisory Spin-offs

With the news that both Ernst & Young and Deloitte are actively exploring spinning off their advisory businesses, the accounting industry stands on...

4 min read

Change Management: A Leadership Skill every Managing Partner needs to Master

Change is inevitable. Great business leaders have practices in place that help them see a shift in the status quo and proactively plan for it. All...

4 min read

Addressing Conflict as a Managing Partner

How to handle difficult conversations and know when to get involved. Addressing conflict as a managing partner and leading difficult discussions with...

3 min read

How Do You Train a Remote or Hybrid Workforce?

This is a question on many of our minds. As we face the reality of long-term remote and hybrid work arrangements, the facts are clear: Accounting...

4 min read

Why Invest in Health and Wellness at Your Firm?

I remember one particular day during my 38 year tenure at my firm with great clarity. I drove into the parking lot and had an epiphany. Seeing all of...

2 min read

Leadership Training: the Problem isn’t “What,” it’s “Who”

Firms are making efforts to invest in leadership training programs which inevitably experience a low ROI. After the first few attempts,...

4 min read

Strategic Planning: How to Pass the Baton With Greater Success

Building and executing a long-term strategic plan is the cornerstone of success for every firm. And yet, managing partners often fail to set aside...