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Who is the Right Candidate for Managing Partner Bootcamp – Leadership Accelerated?

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Spring 2023 will see Managing Partner Bootcamp return to Chicago. Twelve emerging leaders, practice leaders, and managing partners from accounting firms around the country will come together to learn how to actively design and lead their firms––not simply manage them as problems arise. 

During previous cohorts of Managing Partner Bootcamp – Leadership Accelerated, we’ve welcomed over one hundred leaders from more than 75 of the world’s top accounting firms. Emerging leaders have traveled from as far away as Hong Kong and Australia to join this unique leadership accelerator. 

But who exactly is Managing Partner Bootcamp – Leadership Accelerated for? At what stage of your career should you attend, and what mindset should you bring? 

Today, we’re answering those questions and more. Read on to discover the types of leaders that will benefit the most from attending Managing Partner Bootcamp – Leadership Accelerated.

Partner Profile: At What Stage of Your Career Should You Attend?

Managing Partner Bootcamp is designed to accelerate the career trajectories of rising stars and emerging leaders in your firm. This isn’t a leadership class you send every Senior Manager to––it’s designed for the two or three superstars in your firm who stand apart and are clearly destined to be shaping the future of the firm one day. 

These emerging leaders are incredibly smart, highly accomplished, and are admired by clients and colleagues alike. Reading this, a couple of people in your firm might have popped into your mind––these are the people you should be considering sending to Managing Partner Bootcamp. 

Ordinarily, these people would develop into Managing Partners through years of trial and error. Our goal with Managing Partner Bootcamp is to accelerate the learning curve, transforming these individuals from emerging talent into world-class leaders that have the capabilities to take your firm to the next level. 

We want to work with people who are eager to level up. That’s true regardless of whether they’re early in their career, run practice areas or local offices, or are already in the senior-most leadership positions at your firm. We’ve welcomed many Senior Partners to Managing Partner Bootcamp, and we admire their selfless commitment to improvement, even at advanced stages of their careers. 

Bringing the Right Mindset

If you’re interested in attending Managing Partner Bootcamp, the one thing we ask you to bring is an open mind. It’s our goal to get you outside of your comfort zone and thinking differently. This isn’t your standard leadership development course; we take on contemporary challenges and have deep, honest conversations in an intimate setting. 

At the same time, you have to be hungry to learn––an ambitious go-getter who wants to make their mark on the accounting industry. Managing Partner Bootcamp exists to give the next generation of leaders the tools they need to become better executives and decision makers. But after participants attend the Bootcamp, it’s up to them to take what they’ve learned and use it to turbocharge their careers, and their firms.

The Four Key Focus Areas of Managing Partner Bootcamp

Managing Partner Bootcamp’s curriculum is constantly evolving to equip attendees with the tools they need to navigate the industry’s most pressing issues. Broadly, courses are organized into four categories:

Human Capital

The accounting industry is experiencing a huge shift in human capital, as severe talent shortages take hold. The old models of recruiting and retaining top talent simply don’t work anymore. To remain successful, firm leaders must accept this and reimagine their approach to human capital. 

Practice Management

With over four decades of experience building and growing one of the nation’s largest accounting and consulting firms, SS&G, Inc, Gary Shamis, CEO of Winding River Consulting, shares his innumerable real-world experiences running a successful firm. 

Gary focuses on areas including strategy, execution, risk management, and more, opening up on all the challenges, opportunities, surprises, and successes that come with managing a leading accounting firm. 


For years, little changed when it came to the growth strategy for accounting firms. Now, the landscape has changed dramatically, and firms that fail to adapt are rapidly being left behind. 

Managing Partner Bootcamp explores this new model of growth, diving deep into digital strategy, business development, and M&A to provide attendees with the tools they need to ensure their firms build and sustain competitive advantages for years to come. 


There are certain non-negotiable skills that every firm leader must have. Understanding and honing these skills is crucial to enabling the transformation from rising star into accomplished leader. 

Managing Partner Bootcamp will teach attendees how to master skills including:

  • How to build effective teams
  • Presentation skills
  • Developing an executive presence
  • Change management
  • Advanced negotiation
  • And more

These aren’t skills that can be learned in a book; they must be acquired through practical assimilation. Managing Partner Bootcamp accelerates upskilling, distilling years of trial and error into one intensive course. 

Register for Managing Partner Bootcamp – Leadership Accelerated

Does Managing Partner Bootcamp – Leadership Accelerated sound like a good fit for you or an emerging leader at your firm? 
We’re accepting reservations for the next cohort of Managing Partner Bootcamp. To learn more, contact the team, or secure your sport for Managing Partner Bootcamp – Leadership Accelerated Cohort 15 today.

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