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Managing Partner Bootcamp 2022-2023

Winding River Consulting is delighted to announce that our Managing Partner Bootcamp (MPB) is scheduled out with 2022-2023 cohorts. This marks an exciting opportunity for accounting professionals to benefit from specialized leadership development training custom-built for accounting practice leaders. 

Did you know that 68% of CEOs admit they were not fully prepared for the job? At MPB, it’s our mission to give leaders the skills they need to proactively design their firms from the ground up – not just simply manage through the day-to-day problems that arise. 

MBP is a masterclass that helps established organizational leaders evolve into leaders of exceptional ability with the tools and competencies to accelerate the trajectory of their firms. Over the course of a few intensive days, you’ll learn the lessons it normally takes Managing Partners a decade of trial and error to learn. 

When is Managing Partner Bootcamp?

MPB is scheduled in two sessions, and Cohorts 14 & 15 are set for this and next year:

Cohort 14, in Chicago, will take place October 24-26, 2022 & May 22-24, 2023.

Cohort 15, in Chicago, will take place May 22-24, 2023 & October 23-25, 2023.

Attendance at both sessions is mandatory and is included in your registration fee. 

Who Can Attend?

MBP is specifically designed for individuals already in leadership roles at accounting firms, including managing partners, regional leaders, emerging leaders, service-area partners, and c-suite executives. 

Whether you are a seasoned managing partner looking to hone your skills, a new managing partner looking to gain immediate experience, or an emerging leader charged with managing teams and clients, MPB will take your professional skill set to the next level. 

Previous attendees have traveled from as far as Australia and Hong Kong to attend. The revenues of participating firms have ranged from $5 million to $9 billion, with firm sizes from 25 to 80,000 employees. 

Cohort groups are intentionally kept small, and attendance at Managing Partner Bootcamp is limited to just 12 individuals. This ensures an intimate learning experience and affords attendees the opportunity to build lasting professional relationships. 

What Will Be Covered?

MPB features a rigorous curriculum spread across two intensive three-day sessions that helps attendees become better executives and build long-term competitive advantage for their firms. 

Each course is designed to challenge your thinking, develop elite leadership skills, and give you the knowledge and confidence required to run your firm successfully. 

Key sessions include:

  • The 3 Elements of Effective Practice Growth
  • The Power of Leading Through Critical Conversations
  • Risk Management 
  • Negotiations
  • Human Capital
  • Crisis Management
  • And More

View a complete agenda for Cohort 14 here

View a complete agenda for Cohort 15 here.

Secure Your Spot at MPB Today

To date, we’ve graduated 96 MBP alumni from top accounting firms all over the world. More than a third of these graduates have been so satisfied with their experience that they’ve sent other leaders from their firm. 

Are you ready to take the step towards becoming an exceptional, game-changing leader? Register for MPB today