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4 min read

What Does It Mean for an Accounting Firm to be Data-Driven?

The accounting industry is going through a period of profound change. While relationships remain important from a business development perspective,...

3 min read

Inaugural Winning Ways Event: A Recap

This year for the first time, close to 100 practice leaders and managing partners convened in Chicago on November 1-2 for Winning Ways. Originally...

2 min read

What is Outsourcing?

As the accounting industry navigates a worsening talent shortage, many forward-thinking firms are redefining their approach to talent management. To...

4 min read

Gen Z: Who Are They, and What Do Accounting Firms Need to Know?

Today, most accounting firms have a good understanding of who they do business with. While there are some exceptions, the decision-makers you...

3 min read

Rainmakers vs. Mistmakers: Building a Culture of Practice Growth

Every firm wants a rainmaker: a supremely talented professional who’s the linchpin of revenue generation for the entire firm. When it comes to...

2 min read

CAS & Outsourcing: The Perfect Match

About the Author: Ilan Bernstein is the CEO of Trigger. Ever wonder how the Dalmatian became the official dog of firehouses nationwide? We all know...

3 min read

The Value of Innovation

It’s long been my view that the accounting profession is one primarily made up of followers. I don’t mean that in terms of leadership – there are...

3 min read

5 Questions Every Managing Partner is Asking About Outsourcing

About the Author: Ilan Bernstein is the CEO of Trigger. Managing partners recognize outsourcing as a viable, smart business decision (and truth be...

2 min read

Managing Partner Bootcamp 2022-2023

Winding River Consulting is delighted to announce that our Managing Partner Bootcamp (MPB) is scheduled out with 2022-2023 cohorts. This marks an...