Taking Care of Business

Number One

What is the number one priority in your firm? If you say your clients, we’ll say you’re wrong.  Firms spend too much time focusing on business development and books of business. While it’s understandable to be concerned about the future, it’s not enough to be overly focused on the bottom line without considering those who grow…

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Confessions of a Serial Entrepreneur


Three Lessons That I Learned Through My Mistakes I never set out to be an entrepreneur. Initially, I wanted to be a physician. Then, three years into college, I changed my major to accounting. I was following in my father’s footsteps for a safe, predictable career. It wasn’t until I assumed responsibility for his firm of…

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Winding River Consulting’s Gary Shamis

Gary Shamis

The general rule in business is that in order to sell something, it first has to be yours to sell. Gary Shamis once found himself working on a transaction in which that wasn’t the case. “This individual was selling a group of businesses and he included this business in which he didn’t own all of…

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The Skills Your Managers Need Are All Soft

Soft Skills

Whether I was managing a five-person accounting firm or leading 500 professionals in a multi-office consulting corporation, one threat loomed that always gave me cause for concern: employee turnover. I recognized early on that retaining talent needed to be a leadership priority. As a result, we invested in developing a culture where the engagement of…

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Talk Less. Do More.

Customer Experience

We all pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer/client service, that is, giving a level of service to a customer after a transaction has taken place.  But a new term has been entering the corporate lexicon and it’s a good one. Be forewarned, however. It isn’t a buzzword. It’s a differentiator!  Customer experience is disrupting the way companies do business. Forbes defines…

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Gary Shamis: Serial Entrepreneur Provides a Roadmap to Success

Weik Fitness

COURTESY OF WEIK FITNESS What advice would you give someone who is thinking about starting their own business? Gary Shamis: I have a lot of advice for burgeoning entrepreneurs, which is one of the reasons I wrote Building Blocks. These are three that I consider more general, but necessary attributes for success.  1. Failure is not…

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Image is everything.

This might be some of the craziest, most honest advice you’ve ever received. And you probably aren’t going to like it. But before we get to it, consider first: How long has it been since you walked through the corridors of your firm? Around the building? Through the front door? Do you spend time in…

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Foolproof Formula for Brilliant Relationships

Manage Contacts

The success of my leadership role has been contingent on many things, one of them being my knowledge of people. Whether employees, referrals, clients, or community contacts, the fact that I remember personal information about them was — and continues to be — critical to growing and developing these relationships.  One of the easiest ways…

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