Closed Loop Reporting Between Partners and Growth Teams

Closed Loop Reporting

If your firm isn’t growing, it’s dying.  The accounting industry is becoming dramatically more competitive as waves of private equity capital flow into firms across the nation. Regional and niche firms are being swallowed by larger firms looking for new growth levers. Firms backed by PE are investing aggressively in building out advanced digital marketing…

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An Introduction to AI for Accounting Firm Marketers


Since early 2023, one topic has been top-of-mind for all marketers: Artificial Intelligence. AI will upend the way that many marketing teams operate, bringing changes to all kinds of marketing tasks: from email outreach to creating blog posts.  The coming years promise to be a disruptive yet fascinating time for marketers. Change is inevitable, but…

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The Importance of Investing in Employee Experience: Hiring, Retention, Boomerang Opportunities, and More

Employee Experience

In the accounting industry’s current labor market, investing in employee experience is crucial to sustaining your firm’s success. To retain top performers, attract up-and-coming talent, and motivate everyone in your firm, it’s vital to foster a positive culture.  There are all kinds of steps firms can take to boost morale among their employees. Some are…

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Navigating The Return to Office vs Remote-First Dilemma

return to office

Allan Fisher is the President and Founder of Premier Financial Search, an executive recruitment firm that specializes in placing accounting and finance professionals at leading CPA firms.  Many of the effects of the pandemic are now firmly in the rear view mirror for many firms, but one major issue remains: whether firms should require staff…

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The Importance of a Digital Culture to Digital Transformation


Firms that don’t embrace digital transformation don’t just risk being left behind – they will be left behind. If your firm wants to remain competitive in the years to come, embracing digital technologies, processes, and culture is non-negotiable.  While technology is a key force in any digital transformation, it’s far from the only consideration. Technology is…

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Digital Deep Dive Summit 2023: A Recap


Last month saw the return of the popular Digital Deep Dive Summit: the only digital summit created exclusively for accounting firms.  Held in Atlanta, GA, the completely sold out conference brought together digital leaders from dozens of the nation’s top accounting firms. Participants heard from a variety of industry experts and discovered actionable strategies to…

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Noah’s Law:  Build Your Ark Before the Flood

Noahs Ark

“For 40 days, the flood kept coming..and as the waters increased they lifted the ark high above the earth” Accounting firms around the nation simply have more demand than they have capacity. It’s an unsustainable and worsening situation, which places an unsustainable strain on both employee morale and client experience.   What is your firm doing…

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Powering Digital Transformation with Flexible Payment Options

Digital Transformation

QuickFee is an online payment platform for professional services firms. They are a Presenting Sponsor of Digital Deep Dive, the only digital summit created exclusively for the accounting industry.   Today, digital transformation is a key strategic focus for every accounting firm. Firms are adopting a wide range of innovative, new technologies and  experimenting with digital-first…

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