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Building a Lucrative Niche Practice

January 25, 2023

This article is an overview of a recent panel discussion at Winning Ways 2022, the accounting profession’s only conference on practice management.  The riches are in the niches.  So the saying goes. And for many accounting firms, it’s a saying that’s proven to be true. By prioritizing a highly specialized…

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How to Use Data to Advance Your Firm

January 13, 2023

This article is an overview of a recent panel discussion at Winning Ways 2022, the accounting profession’s only conference on practice management.  Every accounting firm, large and small, sits on a treasure trove of data. The problem is that, for the most part, the value of this data is untapped.…

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The Cost of an Empty Chair

January 9, 2023

Ilan Bernstein is the Chief Executive Officer of Trigger, a South Africa-based global outsourcing partner that offers customizable solutions for Audit, Actuarial, CAS, and Forensic Services. As the accounting industry continues to grapple with talent shortages, it’s becoming increasingly important for firms to explore alternative solutions. Over time, the effects…

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What Does It Mean for an Accounting Firm to be Data-Driven?

December 27, 2022

The accounting industry is going through a period of profound change. While relationships remain important from a business development perspective, data is now the real currency for firms seeking to fuel sustained growth.  The more sophisticated an accounting firm becomes in its ability to collect, analyze, and leverage data, the…

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What’s a Marketing Qualified Lead?

December 20, 2022

For accounting firms to prosper, it’s vital to invest in growth marketing and business development processes. A regular flow of new clients is an indicator of a successful firm, but the strategies required to achieve sustained success today are markedly different from those of even just a few years ago. …

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Recap of Winning Ways Conference

Inaugural Winning Ways Event: A Recap

December 6, 2022

This year for the first time, close to 100 practice leaders and managing partners convened in Chicago on November 1-2 for Winning Ways. Originally scheduled to launch in 2021, the conference endured a COVID-19-related delay and took place this month in the windy city. The inaugural conference was an outstanding…

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Healthy Habits for the Holiday Season With Matt Terlop

December 1, 2022

The holidays are a time for celebration, but for many, that celebration means a loss of motivation.  Studies have shown that people tend to gain weight in the time that passes between Thanksgiving and the New Year.  Unfortunately, many who decide to wait until January to get back on track…

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Digital Deep Dive Summit helps Accounting Firms’ Digital Transformations

November 16, 2022

Only event of its kind for marketing, BD, and firm leaders driving digital CLEVELAND, Ohio (November 16, 2022) – Winding River Consulting (WRC) is partnering with the Association for Accounting Marketing (AAM)  for the annual Digital Deep Dive Summit (DDD) being held March 28-29, 2023 at The Kimpton Shane Hotel…

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What is Outsourcing

What is Outsourcing?

October 25, 2022

As the accounting industry navigates a worsening talent shortage, many forward-thinking firms are redefining their approach to talent management. To attract and retain talent, managing partners are embracing new trends like hybrid work culture and rethinking the way their firm’s recruitment processes are managed.  In addition to these steps, savvy…

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Gen Z: What accounting firms need to know

Gen Z: Who Are They, and What Do Accounting Firms Need to Know?

October 24, 2022

Today, most accounting firms have a good understanding of who they do business with. While there are some exceptions, the decision-makers you interact with as a firm leader tend to act rationally, in ways you can understand.  Decision makers largely look like you, talk like you, and think like you.…

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