The Great Spin-off: How Firms Can Prepare for Advisory Spin-offs

The Great Spinoff

With the news that both Ernst & Young and Deloitte are actively exploring spinning off their advisory businesses, the accounting industry stands on the edge of a seismic shake-up. In many ways, this marks a repeat of the past: from Arthur Andersen spinning off Accenture to Ernst & Young selling their consulting unit to Capgemini.…

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Managing Partner Bootcamp 2022-2023

managing partner bootcamp

Winding River Consulting is delighted to announce that our Managing Partner Bootcamp (MPB) is scheduled out with 2022-2023 cohorts. This marks an exciting opportunity for accounting professionals to benefit from specialized leadership development training custom-built for accounting practice leaders.  Did you know that 68% of CEOs admit they were not fully prepared for the job?…

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Is Your Firm Achieving Digital Growth?

A look at your firm’s digital growth journey. Some accounting firms have committed to digital transformation, spending the last five, even 10 years adopting new technology and creating a digital-friendly environment. While firms like that exist and are arguably leading the market, many firms have barely even begun. The last two years catalyzed adoption of…

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3 Reasons Firms Don’t Invest in Leadership Development

 Many firms don’t get ahead because they don’t prioritize leadership development. The current market climate for accounting, not to mention the pace of change in the industry, has a lot of managing partners carving a hard boundary line for new initiatives. Often placed in the extras category, is leadership development. This is a mistake.  Investing…

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Leadership Training: the Problem isn’t “What,” it’s “Who”

Firms are making efforts to invest in leadership training programs which inevitably experience a low ROI. After the first few attempts, results-oriented leaders invariably give up, writing off the experience as a failed experiment. Sometimes, it is. But as someone who has dedicated the latter part of my career to leadership development, I would offer…

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Strategic Planning: How to Pass the Baton With Greater Success

Building and executing a long-term strategic plan is the cornerstone of success for every firm. And yet, managing partners often fail to set aside the time to do exactly that. The time partners spend working in the business simply doesn’t leave enough time to work on the business. This is an error that will catch…

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