Accounting Today Podcast

The Building Blocks of Firm Success

February 25, 2020

Gary Shamis shares the most important factors in creating a successful organization with Daniel Hood on the Accounting Today ‘On the Air’ podcast. Take a listen here:

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Women in Accounting

The Economics of Diversity

February 14, 2020

We recently returned from the Winning is Everything conference in Las Vegas. In its 20th year, WiE has been a consistent opportunity for firm leadership to network, learn, grow and inspire one another. Over the years, some of our subject matter has evolved and advanced, and some topics remain and continue to…

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What Makes MPB So Effective?

January 28, 2020

Managing Partner Bootcamp (MPB) is an opportunity for leaders to take their management skills to the next level. The curriculum was designed to addressed what they need to know and aren’t taught anywhere else about running a firm – the challenges, opportunities, surprises, successes. It provides the skills necessary to…

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Gary Shamis

Growing From $225K to $100M By Focusing on Execution with Gary Shamis

January 15, 2020

Gary Shamis talks to Hugh Duffy about why execution is harder than strategy, how developing niches can include both services and industries, and why scooping up talent when you find them is critical to success. Access the Build Your Firm Accounting Marketing Doesn’t Suck podcast here: or via iTunes…

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MPB Goes Global

January 7, 2020

Managing Partner Bootcamp (MPB) is adding Amsterdam to its roster of locations this spring! The additional location results from the increased interest of firm leaders in Europe, several of whom who have flown to the U.S. to participate in the program.  MPB is a comprehensive development program for professional service…

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Risky Business

December 18, 2019

It’s hard to believe it has been three years since we introduced Managing Partner Bootcamp! In that time, we’ve hosted it in three cities and two countries, supported two alliances, and welcomed leaders from as far away as Australia and Hong Kong. Firm revenues of participating firms have varied from…

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Number One

Taking Care of Business

November 19, 2019

What is the number one priority in your firm? If you say your clients, we’ll say you’re wrong.  Firms spend too much time focusing on business development and books of business. While it’s understandable to be concerned about the future, it’s not enough to be overly focused on the bottom line…

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Confessions of a Serial Entrepreneur

November 12, 2019

Three Lessons That I Learned Through My Mistakes I never set out to be an entrepreneur. Initially, I wanted to be a physician. Then, three years into college, I changed my major to accounting. I was following in my father’s footsteps for a safe, predictable career. It wasn’t until I assumed…

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Gary Shamis

Winding River Consulting’s Gary Shamis

October 21, 2019

The general rule in business is that in order to sell something, it first has to be yours to sell. Gary Shamis once found himself working on a transaction in which that wasn’t the case. “This individual was selling a group of businesses and he included this business in which…

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Soft Skills

The Skills Your Managers Need Are All Soft

October 10, 2019

Whether I was managing a five-person accounting firm or leading 500 professionals in a multi-office consulting corporation, one threat loomed that always gave me cause for concern: employee turnover. I recognized early on that retaining talent needed to be a leadership priority. As a result, we invested in developing a…

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